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How to use Sass !default values

One of the core selling points of writing styles using Sass (or SCSS) is being able to use variables. This isn’t as novel a concept now that we have CSS variables native to CSS, but it’s… Read Article →

Array Map

One of the core skill-sets a developer needs are some strategies to handling data. I don't know about you, but I feel like I'm always doing this type of work. Arrays are a super common… Read Article →

Chrome Turning into the New IE6

Pretty interesting read pointing to a trend that Chrome is becoming the new IE6 . I've seen the "best in Chrome" messages more than I'd like recently. This is a bummer of a trend. Hopefully… Read Article →

I'm Excited About and the IndieWeb

I'm tired. It's time for a change. It took a bunch of people I follow on Twitter to decide to take a Twitter break for me to really start to think about how I use Twitter. It just sucks me… Read Article →

Don't Forget About Those HTML Elements

As much work as I do in HTML I often forget all the different elements we have at our disposal. I think the ones that are most often forgotten and also most useful are the inline elements… Read Article →

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