Basic CSS Custom Property Use

After all these years I’ve still got a soft spot for CSS. I’ve been doing some poking around as I haven’t done a ton of CSS work recently and was feeling kind of out of the loop and a little itchy for some CSS fun. One of the more powerful additions of recent past (well, it’s actually been some years now at this point...I mean, what is time these days anyway???) is CSS custom properties (variables).

Use the Debugger!

Consider this a plug for using the good ol’ debugger as part of your Javascript workflow. We’ve all done the thing where we throw console.log's all over the place, but I’m here to tell you that the debugger can be your friend. It's not that scary. Really. How does this work, you may be asking? Well, let me show you using a very silly (though I think still informative) example.

Split Form inputs with a form ID

Did you know you can split your form inputs from the form and still submit a group of inputs together as the same form? Well, you can.

I'm Tired

Is it just me? Why am I so tired? Like all the time. Not exhausted, but always some flavor of tired. Physically. Mentally. Across the board tired.

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