New Rdio: Meet The Latest Version of The Popular Music App

☕️ 1 min read

Online streaming, subscription based music delivery services are making an attempt to become the golden ticket solution for music lovers everywhere. Having access to a gigantic library of music is well worth the subscription fee for a lot of people and as the music libraries of these services grow they continue to gather steam.

The two big competitors in this field right now are Rdio and Spotify. Rdio released a major interface update recently that is a big step forward to separate itself from Spotify (only paid subscribers get a sneak peek). The interface changed substantially for the better with new features added and others more prominently placed. Not only is the update quite beautiful, it makes discovering new music an even more social experience. Let’s take a spin through the new Rdio.

I’m going to approach this as a review of the entire Rdio new application. We’ll cover the new features along with some overlapping features that were available with the previous release as well. I think it makes most sense to focus on the app in its entirety.

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