50 Mac Apps That Will Teach You Something

☕️ 1 min read

With the recent release of iBooks Author from Apple, I started to think more about using Apple products as learning tools. The iBooks Author announcement and accompanying video certainly generate some excitement at the possibilities using the iPad in classrooms and that is great, but I became curious as to what type of applications were currently available in the Mac App Store.

I began exploring and trolling for educational applications. We’ve done roundups on educational tools, such as note taking aids and other utilities of that nature, so I wanted to focus more on applications that directly help you to learn something. This wasn’t an easy task as they proved to be quite difficult to find. Here’s a list of fifty to get you started.

I decided to restrict my search for educational applications to the Mac App Store. I searched for just about everything I could think of and naturally the applications I discovered fell into some fairly clear defined categories. If you’re searching for something in a category that I don’t have listed that means I had trouble finding anything that fit into that category.

This is definitely not a definitive list, but it is a pretty good cross-section of this space. There are a mix of paid and free applications, but a large majority of the apps that I found are paid and some are rather expensive in fact. Some are very well and thoughtfully designed and some could arguably use a little work on that side of things. There’s a very wide variety of applications in this list and I hope it encourages you to explore the App Store even more and learn some things using your Mac.

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