PixFit: A Simple and Elegant Measurement Tool for Your Mac

☕️ 1 min read

While we have all of this information and inspiration at our fingertips, it’s often a little difficult to pull quantitative data from what we’re seeing. Mac OS X has some built-in measuring abilities, but they’re fairly limited and stuck inside the screenshot function. Fortunately, there are some third party tools available in the form of browser plugins and stand alone applications that aide in acquiring some actual data that can be useful when working on your own project or just to quench your curiosity.

Many solutions are often a little odd to use or just not there when you need them. PixFit aims to remedy that situation. PixFit is a very quick and simple menubar application that lets you measure anything that is displayed on your screen.

PixFit is a tiny application that runs in your menubar that will help you do some measuring as you’re exploring the Web and other applications. I do a little web development and have had to teach myself the different technologies involved and a big part of that learning is checking out what other developers have done and how they’ve made certain things work. Layout and alignment are very important aspects to any website or application design and I’ve found that finding measurements on the sites or applications I’m exploring to be more difficult that I think it should be.

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