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Developer, part of the crew at Table XI.

  • Getting Started with

    This is the where the microdata spec is documented. In general, I'd say that microdata can be a bit confusing to start, but this section of is quite insightful (as compared to the actual documentation). I highly recommend reading through this area before digging to far into microdata.

  • Gut Check 212

    412 miles purely on human power. This is the Gut Check 212. A 48 hour, 412 mile bike race across the state of South Dakota on U.S. Highway 212.

  • Machinarium: A Beautiful, Industrial Puzzle Game

    Puzzle style adventure games have never exactly been my “thing”. I’m not a hardcore gamer, but when I do play, I usually stay away from these types of games. After deciding to expand my horizons, I looked around in this genre and spotted Machinarium. The screenshots of the game immediately drew my attention. The visuals were absolutely stunning and enough to get me to venture off into the realm of puzzle/adventure gaming.

  • Sketch 2: A Simple, Powerful, Vector Graphics App

    There is typically high anticipation when applications that could potentially compete with the powerful Adobe CS product line-up get released. Designers everywhere are very reliant on those products in a lot of situations and while they do get the job done (and typically better than any other available option) there seems to be this burning desire for something different.

  • 45 Awesome Utilities for Tinkering With Your Mac

    The "utility" software niche is one that is extremely active in the Mac application community. There is an abundance of fantastic utilities currently available, and that list is ever changing. We love this type of software at AppStorm, regularly reviewing different apps that let you tweak and tune your computer.

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