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I'm Excited About and the IndieWeb

Matt Reich

January 03, 2018

I'm tired. It's time for a change.

It took a bunch of people I follow on Twitter to decide to take a Twitter break for me to really start to think about how I use Twitter. It just sucks me in and takes over my mind almost countless times a day. And for really no good reason. What am I getting out of mindlessly flipping through posts? It pretty much only makes me tired, stressed or anxious. It just. Wears. Me. Out.

I'm certainly more of a consumer than a poster on Twitter. I'm looking for recommended articles to read along with some commentary from people I find smart and interesting on the various topics I care about. When this all lines up it's great. I learn something new and maybe get a little insider info to mull over as well. It can genuinely be really cool. But unfortunately I've finally realized how awful this has been going for me the last year. It almost never lines up that way anymore. The current state of our country pulls is all into the same place. And I follow people that generally agree with me on all these giant issues that are getting us all stirred up these days so it ends up being this echo chamber of frustration.

I'm also realizing I don't engage with others very often. I think this is because it feels off for some reason. Maybe I'm a little worried about dealing with the inevitable trolls that appear whenever you have an opinion about anything. I know I also find myself frequently annoyed (or pissed, rather) at how others engage with each other and I don't want to contribute to that mess either. I don't know. It just doesn't feel like a fun place to hang out anymore.

Side note: I think I've got a pretty cool set up going between my blog and Still experimenting and ironing out the kinks, but I'll share my set up soon.

Ok, so here's the plan:

When I saw people taking a Twitter break I noticed several jumping over to It's similar to Twitter in that it has some of the same social networking mechanisms, but it is quite different in its strategy to get there. It feels fun and interesting and I hope to see more and more people experimenting with the service.

So with that, I'm going to attempt to be active on (or at least more active than I am on Twitter, which to be fair, is a low bar). It does seem like a fun place to hang out and I love the push and advocacy for the IndieWeb and owning your own content. We've really forgotten that core tenant of the Web the last few years so I'm excited for the resurgence. I'm on if you want to follow along.

That idea gets me excited to try and blog more. Even just about dumb stuff. I've been seeing folks getting each other excited about blogging again and I think that's awesome. That era of the Web was really a display of what this place is all about and now feels like such a great time to remember that. Let's get back to sharing stories and ideas with each other again.

And I'm also experimenting with RSS feed readers once again. Remember the good ol' days of Google Reader? Yeah, me to. Really fondly in fact (after the dumpster fire we've been through the past year). I'm cleaning up an old Feedly account I've had for years and neglected and I'm going to use that to keep me updated on the news (that stuff is still really important). It'll be more focused and intentional which I think is going to be super positive. Oh and I'll also have a good place to keep up with all the blogs coming back this year too. Well, that works out nicely doesn't it? And here's my full feed if you'd like to add my to your RSS reader.

Here's to a better year on the Web.

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